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After yet another few deep breaths I was finally ready to chat with horny teens that want sex. I’m not normally this nervous but it isn’t like I talk sexy with two hot teen girls, at least not on a daily basis. Over the last two days, that’s exactly what I’ve been doing and I think today is the day that these teens want to see my cock inside them.

For obvious reasons I wanted to bang them both and it wouldn’t bother me in the slightest what teen girl gave her pussy up first. I’d like to think a threesome with such cock happy girls would be something that I’d never forget and I wouldn’t count it out of the books just yet.

I think I just need to play my cards right and take things as they come. Don’t expect anything and maybe that’s when they’ll surprise me with two tight pussies to bang all night long. I know full well that it is wishful thinking, but at the same time, I can’t help hoping that it will come true. Time will tell and right now I should be making this time count by giving those horny teens everything that I’ve got!

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So basically this entire network, GF Leaks, focusses on girlfriend and ex girlfriend pics that butthurt guys drop on the net after breakups, or guys post up bragging about their chicks that I guess either don’t know that their pics are being posted up or don’t care or even some exhibitionist girls post up of themselves.

It’s all complete fake of course, just like 99% of the rest of reality porn on the net. That doesn’t mean it isn’t good, in fact it is great and if you enjoy the theme then really all you need to do is allow your imagination to run free a little and you’re golden.

I’ve known about this network for some time so when I read about a big discount of up to 74% off Black GFs, one of the sites of the network I was seriously contemplating picking up a pass. I mean that’s a huge savings, certainly nothing to sneeze at. It turns out though that it’s actually for the entire network for less than 10 bucks!

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