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As a family man, I am constantly being bombarded with lists. There is my personal To-Do list, but then my wife also gives me a chore list, my kids just gave me their Christmas lists, and at least once a week, I am stuck with the shopping list. I’d be lost and screwing all kinds of things up if I didn’t have the lists to refer to, but I still get annoyed by them.

Pretty much the only kind of list that doesn’t irritate me these days are pornlists. These have made my frequent porn searches so much easier as well as a lot safer. Google is great but it doesn’t always give the most reliable results. The people compiling these lists have made it their mission to find good, safe adult entertainment, review it, and categorize it. When going through them, you can look up exactly what you need without worrying about a bunch of spam and potential viruses.

So many of the lists I deal with in day-to-day life revolve around other people, but porn lists are something that I use in my “me time.” I get a lot less of that these days, so when I do, I like to make the most of it. Porn lists are a big help.

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